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"Haworth helped us make Wills with Trusts to protect our home and set up Lasting Powers of Attorney.  He explained everything very clearly and now we feel so much better knowing everything is in place"

Mr & Mrs Knapp, Bamford


Your Last Will and Testament is a very important legal document – probably the most important you will ever sign. It passes on a lifetime’s hard work to those you love and care for.


Given its importance, it’s vital you get it right.


A Will in its most simple form is an important basic level of planning that allows you to:

  • distribute your wealth (however modest) to your chosen beneficiaries on your death

  • choose executors to be responsible for administering your estate

  • nominate guardians to look after your children

  • defer the age at which your beneficiaries inherit if necessary

  • leave gifts of items or money to friends, family or charity

  • make provisions for your pet(s)

In later life, the threats to the inheritance you plan to leave your loved ones grows rapidly. Sometimes people don’t discover these threats until it is too late.


A well written Will complimented by the appropriate use of trusts, can help protect your home and savings after you have gone from threats such as:

  • the cost of long-term care

  • the remarriage of your spouse or partner after your death, which could result in your chosen beneficiaries inheriting nothing

  • inheritance tax liabilities

  • divorce and bankruptcy of your chosen beneficiaries.

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The vast majority of people who have already made Wills often unknowingly hold only simple, basic versions, e.g. 'Joint Wills' or ‘Mirror Wills’, which in fact may not address many typical eventualities... and a staggering 27 million adults in England and Wales don’t have any kind of will at all.


Given your Will’s importance, it’s crucial that you seek professional advice from a specialist whether you already have one or not.  Whilst you are able to control what happens to your family’s welfare, your assets and your keepsakes, make the effort to protect them. One day it will be too late.


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