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Lasting Power 
of Attorney

"Setting up Lasting Power of Attorneys through Egg and Nest was simple, straightforward and promptly done.  We feel good now that this safety net is in place for the family"

Mr & Mrs Morley, Stocksbridge

Lasting Powers of Attorney Egg and Nest

There’s much more awareness nowadays about conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s which involve degeneration of the mind. A loss of mental capacity is not just something that older people experience; anyone of any age can suffer comprehension issues from an accident or illness.


In these instances, undoubtedly, bills will still need paying: care bills, mortgages, utilities, tax, subscriptions.


Without a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place, bank accounts – even ones held jointly – can be frozen by the bank if the mental capacity of the account holder is impacted. Your next of kin would face a complex and expensive court process to be able to make decisions on your behalf.

Putting your Lasting Power of Attorneys in place is as important a protection as arranging house insurance or drafting your will...


and it’s many, many times easier to implement when everyone involved is able to make sound decisions; so don’t wait for the worst to happen because, by then, it will be too late.


Although difficult scenarios can be avoided by creating and registering your LPAs, the process is intricate as well as rigorous, meaning many law firms charge high fees.


Egg and Nest deal with LPAs all the time, and we are able to arrange these quickly and at extremely reasonable rates.


There are two types of LPA: one concerns your Property and Financial Affairs, and the other focuses on your Health and Welfare arrangements, should you lose mental capacity.


Both allow you to appoint people you trust to carry out your wishes and plans should such a scenario occur. Speak to us today, whilst you still have the capacity needed to make these arrangements and can also appreciate the peace of mind your LPAs will bring you and your loved ones.

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