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Wills and Trusts
Your Last Will and Testament is a very important legal document – probably the most important you will ever sign


Without appropriate or adequate protection, everything you’ve worked hard for throughout your life may not go to your loved ones or who you intend when you die.


A last Will and Testament is not just for those with millions in the bank or diamond necklaces to bequeath; having an appropriate will protects you in more ways than you can imagine.

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There’s much more awareness nowadays about conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, which involve degeneration of the mind.


Loss of mental capacity however, is not just something that older people experience; anyone of any age can suffer comprehension issues from an accident or illness.


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As you’d imagine, we recommend forward planning and arranging sufficient protection for when the worst happens...


Despite this, a proportion of the population fail to get their affairs in order before fate intervenes, and their loved ones have little choice but to deal with the legal and financial fallout. Paperwork needs to be dealt with and official documents filed.


It’s entirely probable that your successful business constitutes a lifetime’s work.


Whatever the basis of your company, i.e. sole trader, partnership, limited company, etc., you should consider what would happen to any assets of the business in the event of your death, as naturally, you would want to ensure your family is provided for.



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