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Probate Services


As you’d imagine, we recommend forward planning and arranging sufficient protection for when the worst happens.


Despite this, a proportion of the population fail to get their affairs in order before fate intervenes, and their loved ones have little choice but to deal with the legal and financial fallout.


Paperwork needs to be dealt with and official documents filed.

A person’s estate may require the application for probate through the courts just days after their death, a process that their loved ones may understandably find confusing and overwhelming as they grieve.


We have a specialist probate team at Egg and Nest who can visit those tasked with applying for probate in their own home. Your case handler will patiently and sympathetically explain what needs to be done.


We offer a fixed fee probate service, which is not only reassuring to those applying for probate, but usually equates to considerable savings  compared with high street banks and solicitors who can charge by the hour.

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