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Recent Case Studies

Protecting the Family Home and Savings: John & Christine, an older married couple from Sheffield

John and Christine had been thinking about making a Will for a long time, but never quite got around to it.


Eventually, Christine's worries about what might happen to their home and savings if they went into care got the better of her and having heard something about "using trusts", she got in touch with us.


Over a cuppa and a chat we considered all the "what if" questions that were troubling them and identified a package of work that enabled John and Christine to

  1. Protect their home and savings from being lost to a variety of things that might happen in the future, including possible care costs...

  2. Ensure that their family were legally authorised to look after their financial and health decisions if they were unable to do so themselves.​


As soon as the work was finished a few weeks later, John and Christine both said how easy it had been to do and how much safer they felt knowing they had put this essential protection in place

Appointing Guardians:
Nigel & Emily, a younger married couple from Doncaster

Nigel and Emily have two young children and elderly parents.  They knew that although unlikely, if they were to unexpectedly die together that their parents wouldn’t really be able to look after the children.. and they were worried that if that happened, then their children might be at risk of being placed into care or the foster system.


Luckily, Nigel and Emily also have some good friends and some other family who were willing to look after the children if they weren't around... and pair of Simple Wills allowed Nigel and Emily to appoint these people as their children's legal guardians in the event of their early demise.


As their Wills were signed and witnessed, Emily said "That feels nice, I feel better for doing that, thank you".

Funeral Planning:
Jean, an older single lady
from Barnsley

After going to pay her last respects to a dear friend, “sorting out” her own funeral was on Jean’s mind.  Although she often joked to her kids “just bury me in the garden”, really she didn’t want her children to have the added stress of not knowing what her preferences actually were when the inevitable happened. 


She didn’t want to plan every single fine detail, but she did know that she preferred cremation, didn’t want flowers and that she wanted something simple, straight forward and cost effective.


Together we made a record of her choices and preferences to keep with her Will, and Jean also felt it made obvious sense to pay for her funeral in full now.  She knew that this would make things so much easier for her children at what would already be a difficult time for them. 


We helped her compare pre-paid Funeral Plans from a handful of providers that offer a truly fully guaranteed price with no hidden surprises, and she ultimately selected a plan that she could use with her preferred local funeral director.


Like all our clients who do this important but sometimes overlooked part of their Estate Planning, Jean visibly felt better and now enjoys much greater peace of mind for taking care of it.