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There's not much point in having a Will..

A Will does a job when you die... it distributes whatever you have left according to your instructions.

But what if there's nothing left?

Sadly, a variety of threats exist before we die that can massively reduce or in some cases completely wipe out what we plan to pass on to our loved ones, making your Will somewhat pointless. These threats include:

  • the cost of long term care

  • remarriage of a spouse after death

  • inheritance tax

  • bankruptcy

  • divorce

To protect against these risks, you need more than just a simple Will or "Mirror Wills" which could severely disadvantage your planning.

You need to consider how using Trusts to protect your assets could help.

Our philosophy is that everything starts with a cuppa and a chat... no cost, no obligation.

Why not give us a call and get ready to put the kettle on?


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