Funeral Planning

"Making some basic decisions and making sure my funeral wishes are known and followed proved to be easy to do.  I'm very happy that my family won't be left to find the money to cover the costs too"

Jean L, Doncaster


We’re all individuals, and whilst pre-paid funeral plans undoubtedly remove the stress and financial strain for your loved ones when it comes to meeting the costs of your funeral, they’re also an opportunity for you to choose the kind of service you want.

A good send-off is what everyone would want after they have died; however, if you rely on the finances of those around you to foot the bill when you’ve gone, not only do you risk a diluted version of your wishes, you may also put your family under unnecessary strain when they’re trying to deal with your loss.


The costs of laying someone to rest has spiralled in recent years whilst wages have stagnated; the only way to ensure peace of mind for everyone is to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral at today’s prices.

We can guide you though the process of recording your wishes and preferences and then make sure you have a proper understanding of and a choice from the variety of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans that are available in the marketplace today.

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